Kannad 406 PLB XS3

Fabrikant -
250,00 €
Verkoopprijs met korting:
Personal Locater Beacon 406.028 Mhz/121.5 Mhz Cat 1/Class 2

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The New Kannad XS3 PLB is Kannad’s third generation of GPS PLB specifically designed for multi-environment use with safety at sea as the prime objective. KANNAD made the deliberate decision to develop a unique model with integrated GPS because life is too precious when isolated in hostile environment.

The Kannad 406 XS-3 GPS can be used at sea, on land or in the air. This new multi-environment Kannad 406 XS-3 GPS is the result of Kannad’s constant research and includes the latest technological advances such as the type of GPS used (sensitivity, consumption, fast acquisition and positioning), advanced components (consumption gain, miniaturization), non hazardous batteries and a design in line with its intended use as a hand carried product.

The Kannad XS3’s oval shape has been designed to fit perfectly in the palm of the hand. Its simple architecture is resumed in one flap for testing, one flap for activation with simple pictogram instructions for quick activation in distress. A sturdy attractive pouch is included and designed for clipping to a survival suit and to protect the PLB against knocks and shocks.

Kannad 406 XS-3 advantages

  • Integrated GPS for utmost precision (less than 120 meters)
  • Immediate alert and identification (5 minutes)
  • Innovative and ergonomical design
  • A light and compact beacon

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