The Claw - Aircraft Anchoring System

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Don't let the wind catch you unprotected! The Claw is a patented lightweight, high-strength aircraft anchoring system. The harder the pull the more it grips the earth!

Because of the unique design, the Claws three safety yellow powder coated aluminum legs and corrosion-resistant 3/8 inch diameter spikes try to pull together, tightening their grip on the ground like talons of a giant metal bird of prey. Its convenient low-profile design allows for easy installation and removal. The spikes just go 10 Inch deep into the ground.

  • Ideal for all aircraft!
  • Compact, only 8 lbs including storage bag.
  • Holds 1,200 lbs. per Claw - 3,600 lbs of holding power.
  • Easy installation and easy removal.
  • Holds more than any other system.
  • Protect your investment.
  • No more struggling with screw-in anchors.
  • Light-weight aircraft aluminum with hardened corrosion resistant spikes.
  • The Claw is strategically located directly under tie-down points of aircraft to reduce tripping hazards.
  • Low profile - will not puncture tires.
  • May also be used with tents, canopies, pets, boats, hurricane protection satellite dishes, antennas, balloons or anything you wish to anchor to the ground securely.

Delivery includes: Compact storage bag with 3 anchors, 9 spikes, 1 hammer, 30 ft rope.

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