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Fabrikant Lightspeed
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Delta Zulu is built for your mission with safety, control, and comfort in mind. The newest headset from Lightspeed includes their best ANR to date, with the superior comfort and durability you expect from a Zulu, while also introducing groundbreaking new technologies that could save the lives of both pilots and passengers.

Lightspeed’s designers and engineers collaborated with a team of highly qualified flight and safety experts to develop a revolutionary digital platform and groundbreaking new technologies to make flying safer. Kanari™ smart alert technology built right into the headset provides protection by measuring cabin carbon monoxide levels, helping to keep you and your passengers alert and safe with audible warnings. The free Lightspeed App allows you to also check the CO sensor data visually during flight and review your full history later. The Delta Zulu also introduces a built-in audio equalization system called HearingEQity™ that ensures crystal clear flight communication. Through an automated 12-frequency hearing test that can be taken through the Lightspeed App, HearingEQity sets the hearing level in each ear of your headset to create your individual hearing profile to compensate for any hearing variations between ears.

The Lightspeed App also allows you to record radio conversations, playback transmissions, draw diagrams, and archive flight recordings for post-flight briefing and training. Delta Zulu is also the first headset to adopt the UAC plug, allowing you to connect to other devices directly from the headset for charging, data communications, and auxiliary audio.

The legendary Zulu comfort and durability continues in the Delta Zulu. Performance ear seals, sturdy cables built around a Kevlar core, full Bluetooth integration, and an industry-best 7-year warranty are still standard in the newest Lightspeed model.


Built-in carbon monoxide sensor – Always on and always monitoring cabin carbon monoxide, the new CO sensor is optimally calibrated to provide audible and visual warnings at preset or user defined CO thresholds.
HearingEQity™ for custom sound – Based on results from a custom 12-frequency hearing test in the new Lightspeed app, HearingEQity automatically adjusts Delta Zulu to optimize every ATC call and conversation specifically for your individual hearing profile. Individualized profiles can be saved, and different headset users can switch profiles.
Changeable battery packs – Easy-to-replace battery pack gives you the option of using rechargeable lithium-ion batteries or AA batteries.
The Lightspeed App – Allows you to check sensor data visually during flight, supplying you with instantaneous readouts and historical data. Review safety metrics from prior flights, record conversations, playback transmissions, draw diagrams, and archive flight recordings onto your phone or mobile device for post-flight briefing and training.
Bluetooth – Bluetooth wireless technology with A2DP technology enables cell phone communications and stereo music streaming along with alerts from aviation apps.
Low-profile comfort – Weighing just 14.9 ounces (including ear seals, head pad and mic boom), Delta Zulu has a low-profile, stainless-steel headband that follows the curve of the head for more comfortable distribution of weight and side pressure.
High-performance fit – Delta Zulu’s tapered performance ear seals are designed to hug the curve of the jaw for a natural fit, increasing comfort and clarity while also providing a better seal around eyeglass or sunglass frames. Cup cavities allow the entire ear to fit comfortably inside.
Durability and longevity – Made almost entirely of stainless steel and magnesium with durable cables built around a Kevlar core, Delta Zulu is designed to endure the harshest flying environments and last for years to come.
Superior quiet – Delta Zulu delivers advanced active noise reduction (ANR) performance over a deep, broad range of low-frequency noise. The magnesium ear cups are superior at blocking out high-frequency noise.
Clear comms – The Dual Aperture Disc microphone provides greater noise cancellation for clearer, more intelligible communications. Exclusive, user-adjustable mic gain helps balance loud and soft voices in a multi-headset environment.
UAC plug – Delta Zulu is the first headset to adopt the UAC plug, allowing you to connect to other devices directly from the headset for charging, audio, anddata transmissions. It can also be charged while flying via USB. Delta Zulu has options for 4 cable configurations, from UAC to USB-A (included), USB-C, 3.5 mm and Lightning plugs (optional).
ComPriority™ – Never miss important radio communications with patented ComPriority, which automatically lowers the volume of any auxiliary device during radio or intercom transmissions. The soft mute feature gently eases music back in for a smooth listening transition.
Auto Shutoff™ – Lightspeed’s proprietary Auto Shutoff feature saves battery life by automatically shutting down the headset power when not in use.
Available configurations – Dual GA, LEMO panel power, U-174.
7-year limited warranty – The BEST in the aviation industry. Lightspeed stands by the quality of the Delta Zulu with a comprehensive 7-year warranty of materials and workmanship.
Personal Safety Data Partnership Program – An invitation to join the cause of reducing aviation accidents. By opting into the ANONYMOUS collection of sensor data from their headset, customers are providing data that will be used by General Aviation experts and scientists to improve the community’s understanding of safe piloting practices.


  • Battery power supply: 3V, two AA batteries; 3.7V rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Weight: 14.9 oz. (including ear seals, head pad and mic boom)
  • Headphone Transducer: 40mm moving coil
  • Headphone Frequency response: 20 Hz-20 kHz
  • Headphone Nominal impedance @ 1 kHz:
  • Headphone OFF—Mono: 275 ohms, ON—Mono: 295 ohms
  • Headphone OFF—Stereo: 575 ohms, ON—Stereo: 590 ohms
  • ANR Maximum SPL: Greater than 125 dB at 100 Hz
  • Microphone Transducer principle: Noise-canceling electret
  • Microphone Frequency response: 200 Hz-6000 Hz
  • Microphone Maximum SPL: 114 dB
  • Microphone Terminating impedance: 220–2200 ohms

In The Box

  • Headset
  • Carrying case
  • Single port wall charger
  • Lithium-ion battery cartridge
  • AA battery cartridge
  • UAC to USB-A cable
  • Cord shirt clip
  • Set of personalized icon chips to distinguish multiple headsets


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